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A Few Things to Think About Before Renting a Mini Storage Unit

January 28, 2014

Self storage units are very useful for a wide variety of folks, from businessmen looking for convenient holding zones for their goods to families that need to slowly manage their furniture during a big move. There are, however, mini units that are designed specifically for securing small items like jewelry, small antiques and vital documents.

Question is, what factors should you consider before selecting a service offering miniature storage units?

On-site security – the very first thing you need to look for is a storage service’s ability to protect the valuables you entrust them with. A secured unit that is well covered by CCTV cameras is a must, along with a security guard that accompanies anyone who goes in or out of the area where miniature storage units are located.

Fire protection – smoke alarms, automated fire extinguishers and fireproofed storage units are the next things on your list you should look out for. These are absolutely important in case a fire breaks out in the building housing the units, otherwise your valuable possessions would be gutted along with everything else in the area.

Climate control – insulated walls, sealed gaps and even air-conditioning units are a must for sensitive items like antiques and electronic devices. Most small items will survive just fine in the regular indoor environment of storage units, but climate controlled ones come highly recommended for long-term storage.

Insurance – A good insurance deal will compensate you for the exact value of your valuables should they be lost or damaged while under the care of the storage company. Carefully read the insurance and make sure that it protects you from all possible sources of loss and damage. Be sure to ask for any exceptions to the rule and look for these exceptions in writing.

Terms of lease – you do not want to be handed a raw deal, so you have to carefully scrutinize the terms of the lease and compare it with the terms offered by other storage services. You may need to spend some time doing so but it will be well worth it in the long run when looking to rent mini storage units for the long term.