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Most Modern Storage Units North Raleigh &

  Self Storage Units Wake Forest                            

Auction Time

March 12, 2018

Things to have ready upon arrival:

  1. Identification - Providing the Customer Service Representatives with your ID will get you a bidder number and allow us to make sure that all winnings are accounted for. (Be sure to come a few moments early.)
  2. Cash - Winning a storage space can be an exhilerating feeling, be sure that you have the cash to cover your winnings the day of the storage auction.
  3. A truck - to move your winnings from the storage site (We allow you through the close of business day 5:30 PM to move your things from the storage space, extra time is always considered but will need to be approved by Manager or Owner.)

For any further information about the auction please Contact us at 919-846-2311 or 919-562-2122. 

We look forward to seeing you there!