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Climate Control: Why It Matters for Self-Storage Units

January 28, 2014

Renting out a Raleigh self storage unit is a cheap and convenient way to hold stuff, whether you’re in the business of selling goods or need a temporary holding place while you move. These self storage units, however, can actually damage your goods if you do not take shifts in moisture and temperature into consideration.

No Climate Control

The average self storage unit typically possesses thin walls and ceilings that are poorly insulated if at all. Some storage units have open-air vents or unsealed gaps that lead directly outdoors – allowing the temperature to shift even more drastically. Worse still is that these same vents and unsealed gaps can allow water into and out of the unit. This environment of shifting moisture temperature can damage a wide variety of items, from electronics and spare parts to antiques and works of art.

This is where climate controlled storage units come into the picture.

With Climate Control

Specially-designed storage units have thicker insulating material with all gaps sealed and taken care of. The sealed gaps prevent water from getting in or out while the thick insulating materials prevent heat from doing the same. This is the basic setup for climate controlled self storage units, which typically costs a little bit more to rent out than your average unit.

There are, however, specially designed units that come with their own air conditioning systems. These units not only come sealed and well-insulated, but the air conditioning helps keep humidity and temperatures low – perfect for sensitive electronics and antiques. Renting out these air-conditioned units costs significantly more is definitely be worth it when you consider the survival of your electronics shipments or priceless art collections.

Keep these bits of information in mind and you’ll know when to pick out climate controlled storage units Raleigh NC to protect your most valued possessions!