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Convenient Smallest Unit

January 25, 2018

One of the smallest units that we offer at our North Raleigh and Wake Forest Location is a 5x5 climate controlled unit. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? 

Who can benefit from a unit this size? There are a few different uses for this type of unit. Some of those that could benefit from a unit this size would include college students, sports enthusiasts, and Doctor or Dentist offices, someone who is trying to organize different areas of their home. 

What would they be able to fit in this size unit? A college student would be able to store small items such as a small chest of drawers, a small mattress and box spring and a few boxes. A sport enthusiast can use this space to store sporting items that are not in season. This opens up space in the garage to have easier access to those items that are in season. Doctors and Dentists can use this size space to clear out old records and documents. Using a space this size can not only free up space in your most needed areas but it can also provide you with the safety and security to put your mind at ease.

When would you need to get the space? We do not reserve units. Stop by our facility anytime to take a tour of the grounds and get a look at the size of the space. The storage space can be rented anytime during business hours.

Where can I rent the space? We have two storage locations that provide this size unit, one on Durant Road in North Raleigh and another location on Star Rd in Wake Forest.

Why rent with A-1 Personal Storage? Between our friendly and knowledgeable staff and our clean, well maintained facility A-1 Personal Storage stands out from other facilities. We provide a secure and safe environment for not only your belongings but for you as well.

How can I rent this size unit? You can move in over the phone at either of our locations, North Raleigh 919-846-2311 or Wake Forest 919-562-2122, or you may stop by the office to take your tour.