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Preparing Your Storage Unit For A Storm

September 13, 2018

There are a few things that you can do to prepare your self storage unit for a storm. 

1. Insurance - Most people do not think that insurance is important until something happens. Unfortunately, waiting until the day before it happens is not an option. It is always in your best interest to purchase insurance from the start or to make sure that your items are covered.

2. There are three essential things that should be used when packing a storage unit that could be prone to flood areas. The first one is pallets. For all the large furniture that you have to store these can be placed on top of pallets that are 6-7 inches off the ground. Not only does this allow room for the item to breathe it also gives space in case of flooding. The second items that should be used are shelves. Shelves are great because the storage unit will be more organized and your items will be easily accessible. The final essential item is clear storage totes. With a clear tote you will be able to see what is in it and know if there is water damage without having to move everything to get into each one. These can be stacked on the shelves and the weight of them will hold the shelves in place in case of a flood.

3. Before the storm comes (if it is safe) take a ride out to the storage unit and take pictures of what you have. Be sure to remove any valuables or important information that you may have, such as, birth certificates or social security cards. If the insurance company has proof that you have done everything you can to prevent a problem on your end they should not have a reason to deny your claim.

4. Once the storm is over (if it is safe) take a ride out to the storage unit and take pictures of the aftermath. The sooner you are able to do this the better. If you wait too long, depending on the insurance coverage you have, they may not approve the claim.

Remember: It is always better to be safe than sorry.