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The Different Types of Self Storage Units

January 28, 2014

Self storage units are extremely useful for those that simply need a place to keep or hold important stuff in, from business goods that are expected to be shipped out or luxury items that need to be kept in high-security facilities.

But what kinds of storage units do you have at your disposal? Here are some of the more important ones to keep in mind:

Regular Units

These types of storage units are the most common and most affordable types available. These are typically the size of a bedroom and are designed to store sturdy items like furniture or raw materials. The limited space and lack of frills make these the storage units of choice for many folks who just need a spare room to chuck their stuff in.

Drive-Up Units

This is a step-up from regular units, with the total storage space pumped up to the size of a small garage. The most distinct feature of these units is their generous driveways that allow trucks to back up into the unit. This in turn allows you or others to quickly and efficiently offload stuff into the drive-up unit – making it an ideal choice for a temporary stopover for fast-moving goods.

Climate Controlled Units

These units are specially designed to keep airflow, humidity and temperature at constant levels. This controlled environment is a must for storing jewelry, electronics, art pieces or other items that can be damaged by sudden shifts in humidity and temperature or are vulnerable to damage from pests and/or fungal growth. Be prepared to spend a bit more coin though as climate controlled storage units cost significantly more to rent out than ordinary ones.

High-Security Units

Closed-circuit television systems, wireless controls, biometric security systems and even armed guards differentiate high-security units from their other brethren. These are typically built to house large and expensive items like luxury vehicles and large collections of art and is more vault than personal storage unit. These cost the most to rent among the storage units mentioned but it is well worth it to keep your larger, expensive items safe and secure.